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We offer property listings that provide potential buyers a clear picture of what your property has to offer. Property listings are all too often just a couple of badly captured photographs and a vague description. With property hunters coming from all over the world it’s important that they can see as much detail as possible about your property so they feel confident that they are not wasting their precious time, should they be considering a viewing.

Advertising Prices
Full listing. Customer provides Photographs (see note 1 below). €125*
Full listing (we take photographs). Price is subject to distance travelled (see note 2 below). From €350*
Full listing + Video (we take photos & Video). Price is subject to distance travelled (see note 2 below). From €650*
*For first year only. Yearly renewal fee is €40

Note 1. We have a minimum requirement for the standard of photographs as used within this site, they must be of reasonable quality, representative of your property and at least 1024 pixels in width. We will require photos of all areas of your property both inside and out. If in doubt will be happy to view samples. You will also need to provide the exact text that you will use to describe your property, again we ask that this description accurately reflects the property in question. Both these requirements are necessary so that buyers will not waste your time and theirs visiting a property that has been misrepresented.

Note 2. If we are appointed to take photographs and video of your property then the full charge is based upon the distance from our base in Montchamp to your property location as stated by google maps. Please click here to calculate the distance (Click “Directions”). The price above includes travel up to 50km from us. There is a supplement of €10 for very 10km or part thereof over this distance. For example if your property lies 95km from our location then the charge above will be supplemented by €50.

If you are unsure about our prices or require further information then please do not hesitate to contact us at absolutely no obligation, we will be pleased to hear from you and delighted to answer any queries that you may have.

This site has directly helped our customers find buyers from foreign countries, for example Germany and Dubai and in all cases the buyers have expressed the importance that our comprehensive listing had made to their viewing decision.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to find out more about us.