Welcome to our page of frequently asked questions. Hopefully you will find answers to any queries that you may have about our website along with details of how to list your property within our pages. Should you require further information then please visit our contact page.

About us and our website

  1. Are you an estate agent?
    No, we simply offer our services as a website design company to present properties for sale in an effective manner and publish property listings to the internet within our domain.
  2. Will you arrange a viewing of my property?
    No, anyone interested in viewing a property for sale will communicate directly with the vendor and we will not have any involvement.
  3. Do you charge commission?
    No, we will simply charge an agreed fee for listing a property within this website. Fees vary according to the content required, please click here or contact us for details and a personal quotation.
  4. Are there any restrictions to property listings?
    We will only list properties that are within the Normandy region, namely departments Calvados-(14), Orne-(61), Manche-(50), Seine-Maritime-(76) and Eure-(27).
  5. How do I list my property?
    Please click here to view our current rates or simply contact us and we will provide a firm quotation for listing your property.
  6. Why would I want to list my property with you when the estate agent already has my property on the internet?
    There are several reasons why you should consider using our property listing service. There are no commission charges if you sell your property direct to the purchaser. This means that to achieve the same net value for your property the direct price will be up to 7% cheaper than if purchased through an estate agent, this will make your property better value and therefore easier to sell.

    Our listings are very comprehensive. Most estate agent property listings are in our opinion poorly presented and your property will rarely stand out from the crowd. We will include many photographs and can even include video footage of your home, along with a comprehensive description and any other details that you think will interest potential buyers.
  7. How long does my listing last?
    All listings last for up to one year from the date of publishing. To continue a listing after one year an annual fee of €40 is required. Under your instructions we can remove a listing at any time.

Buying and selling property in France.

  1. For legal reasons do I need to buy/sell my property through an agent?
    There is no legal reason for using an estate agent for the purchase or sale of a property. All legal aspects of a property transaction are handled by a notaire and the seller can appoint any local notaire to perform the necessary actions as required by law. The notaire will charge a fee to the purchaser and collect any government duties, this is unavoidable and normally totals around 7% of the purchase price.
  2. In France does the purchaser pay the estate agents fees?
    Yes normally!! If you buy your property through an estate agent then their fees will likely be in the region of 7%, which is normally payable by the purchaser. If you discover and buy your property directly from the vendor then there are no fees required.
  3. Are there any other legal requirements?
    There are going to be other obligations under law when selling a property. You may need to provide certificates of conformity for different aspects of the property for sale. Our best advice in all cases is to consult a notaire and be clear of all the necessary obligations required in your case. We always advise against taking legal advice from websites and hear-say.
  4. Should I be concerned about the practice of “Gazumping”?
    In France the vendor and purchaser make their agreement and record details of that agreement in a document known as a “Compromis de Vente”. This document is a legally binding contract between the purchaser and vendor which is a commitment by both parties to complete the sale/purchase on the property in question. It is possible to state clauses within this document such as “dependant upon mortgage” etc, but please be aware that it is very difficult to renege on this contract without penalty. A deposit is normally required as part of a “Compromis de Vente”.

    In all cases we strongly recommend that you seek legal advice before entering in to any contract of purchase/sale.
  5. Where can I go for further help?
    There are many websites with information about property sales/purchase. Although these can be a good guide it is very important to make sure that you consult a legal advisor if you are in any doubt about your commitment to a property transaction.
  6. If I contact you for legal information will you help?
    No, sorry.

Disclaimer: We can not be held responsible for any errors within these pages. We advise that you seek professional legal advice at all times.